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Kidde Smoke Detector – Recall

Earlier this month, Kidde recalled over 200,000 smoke detectors for failing to alert consumers to a fire.  The particular Kidde products being recalled are:  Kidde TruSense Smoke Alarms and Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms. 

Why You Need to Get a Home Inspection

In today’s market, construction companies are desperate to hire new employees to keep new homes on the market.  In the Phoenix and Tucson markets, new homes are being cranked out by the hundreds every day.  We all know how fast builder’s can build a home and quality control is an issue for all builders.  A great home inspector works for you to help make sure your home is in good working condition.  

Garage Door Safety Sensor Eyes

During a home inspection, a common safety issue we see often deals with the location of the photo safety eyes located on the bottom garage door rails. 

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